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The tools we use for your digitalization

Cloud & Hybrid Solutions

We build most of our products on cloud elastic architectures. For those services that require on premises infrastructure, we provide elasticity by extending it to the cloud with hybrid architectures.

Digital Strategy

By applying our lean methodology, we define together the best digital strategy in order to prepare your business for the future and get the most from the lastest technological disruptions.

Server-less Architecture

Our solutions are based on architectures without servers designed to allow us to focus on functionality, this way we can offer completely scalable micro-services without the need for infrastructure capacity and cost planning.

A.I. & Big Data

To make use of the last technological disruptions, we adapt them to your business logic, opening a world of possibilities that used to take strong investments and deep technical knowledge. The application of this technologies will help you understand much better your customers, your business and automate complex processes.


Each of our products counts with a set of security solutions integrated that offer protection against most cyber threats such as data leaks, DDoS attacks, SQL inception and scripting between sites.

Customer Centric

We defined our own set of metrics, a methodology and structure the organisation in order to get the best understanding of our customers. We know that every customer is different and that is the reason why we don't try to sell our products but to satisfy with them the actual needs of every kind of customer.

Solutions tailored for customers needs

We design our solutions and services together with our customers in order to solve their transformation pain points.

Traditional and Virtual Mobile Operators

Our solutions are designed after a thorough analysis of the segment. We invest in transformations such as those from branded reseller into full MVNO or in the automation of MNO processes in order to offer the result as a service.

We improve customer care with services such as APN Setup that provides automatic configuration for smartphones or our Smart Connect, that offers a 360º view for customer care agents and manages the call center overflow. Other services such as our SIM Settings and Net Insights are focused on network operation cost reductions.

Real Estate

Our solutions enable new business models based on real-estate management tools optimization, content aggregation and appraisal utilities.

We build solutions that ease resources optimization in the real estate market through the automation of processes that are still being developed manually. Products such as KEYMANAGER, CONTRACTMANAGER or SMARTCONNECT, designed to fulfill the requirements of key market players, improve operative management, cut costs and provide detailed insights to make informed decisions making use of RFID, digital signature and chat-bots.

Digital Transformation Methodology

LEAN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is the interpretation we make of Lean Startup applied to Digitalization of the 4.0 Industry.

Our methodology helps us identify the pains that, in a conscious or unconscious way, are the real worries of our customers. Then we assume the risks and costs of the solution development, as we have the experience needed to minimise them, offering the needed product to our customers in a service model. This way we share the path and the risks our customers assume through their digital transformation helping them set in motion this new solutions.

Vision, Technology and Experience

In LAMBDA DIGITAL we add up knowing that the final result is a lot more that the addition of each part.
After several years innovating and creating new business models, we got together to define our very own process based on Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies in order to ideate, prototype and develop commercial products making use of the latest technological disruptions. Adapting them to the different business logics and the accessing the product through cloud services are the pillars that sustain our proposal.


We count with more than ten year track record in very different sectors and roles that cover pretty much every position at engineering companies, from operational management to technology innovation. We are a multi disciplinary technical team with passion for developing new solutions and business models of hight value. Our experience, technology knowledge and entrepreneurial attitude made us define our own methodology in seek of the simplest and fastest way to develop effective solutions making use of the latest advances on cloud services.

LAMBDA DIGITAL culture is transmitted through the communications skills and the customer orientation of our team, with who we work closely to analyse its value chain and understand the challenges and opportunities present, as a previous step for the design of a new solution.

The digitalization era is here and it impacts on every sector equally. No company has the luxury of giving its back to this new industrial revolution. Big technological, cultural and business changes are needed. Our methodology is focused on detecting and prioritising those changes in order to face them progressively, measuring the impact on the business. This way, we not only ease the transformation but also the adoption of the new environment minimising risks of investment in the required resources.


The current offer of engineering services focused on the digital transformation for the Industry 4.0 is huge and its on everyone's lips, but there is a question very few respond.

How can an SME face the investment, knowledge and risk needed for this so called digital transformation?

For most companies, urgent business as usual matters take over important of long term tasks such as the digitalization of the business. Moreover, the costs in qualified resources needed to execute the development and make the critical decisions are too high, which implies a risk for companies with tight cost structures.

In order to lead you have to make decisions and execute them. This implies to assume commitments with your team and with your customers. Our commitment consists of making the necessary investment in developing the products our customers need by identifying them using our lean methodology, relieving our customers from the risk and easing the access to the final custom product.

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